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As the BSC space has become full of Scams, we believe that the only way to keep a clean and safe space for investors is through partnerships with real projects, with real utillities.

Here we present some great projects that we put 100% trust into


We are a group of experienced investors SEEKing to rid the crypto space of fraud and corruption of any type. This group was born out of personal loss by its development team and out of necessity for our community. Crypto space, namely the BSC market, has been heading down a dark path and we are taking a stand against what has become the norm. Join us in the good fight. Let us evaluate your project and give you an unbiased risk assessment. We are not financial advisors. Our goal is to make crypto a better and safer place for the investor. SEEK Token
Making crypto space better and more safe for all investors.

Farmageddon will be used to power a platform used to bring the lucrative yet complicated process of yield farming to the masses.

Yield farming is not a new concept, but it is one that many crypto traders and investors of all experience levels either aren't aware of or shy away from due to the complexities involved in getting started and maintaining a profitable strategy.


After the new team picked up POODL, it immediately became a meme-coin sensation. But we’re not stopping at simply being a meme, we have much bigger ambitions.
The reality is POODL cannot be sustainable simply based on hype and for it to survive we are building a recognizable brand, supported by its community. We all have contributed time and resources to create music, memes, official merchandise, NFTs, applications and much more.
Further, POODL’s goal is not just making the token valuable and its holders monetarily happy, but sharing its success with those who need most. We have active partnerships with charities which we donate to as POODL grows.
POODL is here to stay, if you follow official announcements you will not be disappointed with the constant stream of new developments taking place.

The multiverse concept is simple, “Everyone is welcome, we are stronger together”.

Crolon Mars – An innovative project, birthing a Multiverse, connecting multiple Meta Worlds to form lasting relationships

What is Crolon Mars (CLMRS)

Crolon Mars is a decentralized Meta World, which operates not only as a Metaverse of its own. It is also bridging the gap between other metaverse projects, allowing for seamless integration together, to form a Multiverse of Meta Worlds